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Everyone knows that the current software packages installed on your computer are nice and user-friendly. But did you know that the average person only uses between 10 to 15 % of the capabilities of the software they currently own. 

 :.  Wouldn't it be nice if the secretary could keep track of expenses using Microsoft © Excel or create a mass mailing label list with Microsoft © Word. 
 :.  And if you could store all of the information you need in a Microsoft © Access database to ease the retrieval of this vital information...  
 :. What about impressing your clients with a nice automated presentation regarding your cash flows, products or services?

This is what we offer!

    Yes we will train you on a one-on-one or group basis for better results, and we will do it at your pace and regarding the functions you want to learn about. We will provide you with tailored training for each and everyone of your employees. In addition, we can even provide you with training for your employees on your own proprietary software.                

    Finally, the Executrain program provides specific training for your executives.  You choose the location and we will provide the equipment necessary for the class or classes.   This program is offered to reinforce the sense of solidarity and the importance of the role that your executives play in your company.


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