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 :. Does your company need a network? Wider than just a few computers?
 :. Do you have more than one printer? or more than one server?
 :. Do you or your employees share files via diskette or on paper? 
 :. Do you have more than one office? in more than one state? in more than one country?
 :. Do you want to access your files from home? or on the road?
 :. Do you want to manage all of your technology in-house?
 :. Do you need to make those processes more efficient?

                If so you can reduce the redundancy and increase your efficiency by installing either a Peer-to-Peer Network, or if you want to share access to the internet and setup an Inter- or/and an Intra-company e-mail, maybe even a server. You are king of your kingdom, and your needs are what matter to us. We are here to satisfy those needs and to ensure that your deficiencies are corrected.



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